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Oil Rig Jobs In Texas 385 jobs
- Roustabout (TX - USA)
- Roughneck (TX - USA)
- Roughneck (Texas, USA)
- Maintenance Roustabout (TX - USA)
- Scaffolders (TX - USA)
- Welder (TX - USA)
- Assistant Driller (TX - USA)
- Entry Level Engineers (Houston, TX)
- Machinist (Houston, TX)
- Mechanic (TX - USA)
- 3rd Assistant Engineer (TX - USA)
- 3rd Mate (Texas)
- AB Seaman (Texas)
- Director Engineering (Texas)
- Electrical Systems Engineer (Houston - TX)
- Entry Level Yardman (Houston - TX)
- Lead Civil/Structural Engineer (Texas, USA)
- Mess Person (Texas, USA)
- Mechanical Engineer (TX - USA)
- Assistant Driller (TX - USA)
- Ballast Control Operator (TX - USA)
- Barge Engineer (Texas, USA)
- Chief Mate (Houston - TX)
- Completion Engineer (TX - USA)
- Crane Operator (TX - USA)
- Drilling Engineer (Texas, USA)
- Drilling Systems Engineer (Texas, USA)
- Electrical Engineer (Texas, USA)
- Electrical Systems Engineer (Texas, USA)
- Electrician (TX - USA)
- Field Technician (TX - USA)
- Rig Operator (TX - USA)
- Rig Team Leader (TX - USA) 

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Oil Field Jobs in Texas

Recent news about oilfield jobs in Texas in Texas has been good! Even in recession, this industry is growing strong, and most US oil jobs are based in Texas and North Dakota.

Southern Texas is the place where most of oil companies in Texas have based their oil rigs, and the oil and gas industry boom created jobs in all related industries. Oil production keeps going through the roof in Texas area, making it the perfect opportunity for everyone who is on a lookout for a better job.

There are plenty of oil rig jobs in Texas because Texas has miles of coastline which borders with the Gulf of Mexico, one of US’s hotspots for oil drilling.

The best place to look for oil rig jobs in Texas is here on our page. You stand best chances of finding a entry level oil job like roughneck right here! Some of the most plentiful jobs positions are roughnecks. Roughnecks are basically the lowest job position on any oil rig, and a great starting point if you’re looking for a oil rig jobs with no experience. Any worker with a positive attitude toward his job, and a good attention to details, can rise from roughneck to better paying positions very quickly, and earn a higher annual salary with each promotion.

High rewards are what makes oil rig jobs in Texas and oil field jobs in Texas worthwhile. An unskilled worker employed either on roughneck jobs in Texas, drilling rig jobs in Texas or any other entry level oil rig jobs in Texas, can earn more than $40,000 per year working 6 months in a year. Shifts are rotating, for example continuous 7 days on, 7 days off shifts. Oil rig companies in Texas always pay for food and logging, so workers can save most of their income and build a decent nest egg in very few months.

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